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Portuguese Cuisine

Portuguese cuisine stands as a prime contender for the title of the best food in the world, thanks to its rich culinary traditions, emphasis on fresh ingredients, and a harmonious blend of flavours that reflect its historical maritime prowess. Here's a compelling argument that underscores why Portuguese food deserves this accolade: Diversity Influenced by History and Geography Portuguese food is a palimpsest of the various cultures that have interacted with Portugal over centuries. From the Age of Discoveries when Portuguese explorers brought back spices from Africa and Asia, to the integration of New World crops such as tomatoes and potatoes, the cuisine reflects a synthesis of global flavours uniquely blended with traditional Iberian techniques. This historical melding of east and west, north and south, makes Portuguese cuisine not only diverse but uniquely rich and varied. Focus on High-Quality, Fresh Ingredients At the heart of Portuguese cuisine is the use of fresh, hi...



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