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    Image for Burger King

    Burger King

    The best fast food burger joint. Beats McDonald's in every single category. Their burgers are better, their nuggets are better, their fries are better.

  2. 2.
    Image for Taco Bell

    Taco Bell

    I love their crunchy and soft tacos 🌮 🌮 🌮

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    Image for Nando's


    Nando’s stands out as the best fast-food restaurant by successfully combining casual dining with high-quality, flavourful food that boasts a unique cultural heritage. Renowned for its flame-grilled pi...

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    Image for Thai Cuisine

    Thai Cuisine

    Really spicy. Plenty of fresh ingredients and lots of variety. Famous for tom yum, pad thai, and curries.

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    Image for Italian cuisine

    Italian cuisine

    The one that we all know and love. Pizza, pasta, risotto, gnocchi, tortellini and many, many more. Also ice cream aka gelato. And limoncello. And wine. Italians love food and it shows.

  3. 4.
    Image for Mexican Cuisine

    Mexican Cuisine

    The one that we all know and love! Tacos, nachos, burritos, guacamole, quesadilla, tamales - I could go on and on! Spicy, tasty and full of fresh ingredients.

  4. 5.
    Image for Japanese Cuisine

    Japanese Cuisine

    The Japanese cuisine has given us so much it's hard to even find a place to start. You've got your sushi, ramen, udon, edamame, mochi balls, tempura, soba, bento boxes, sukiyaki, gyoza, onigiri, yakis...

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    Image for Portuguese Cuisine

    Portuguese Cuisine

    Portuguese cuisine stands as a prime contender for the title of the best food in the world, thanks to its rich culinary traditions, emphasis on fresh ingredients, and a harmonious blend of flavours th...

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    Image for Ambre: Recipe Organizer

    Ambre: Recipe Organizer

    View and follow recipes right on your Apple Vision. This app will show you all the steps, timers, instructions and ingredients so that you can focus on the cooking.

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    Image for Hawaiian Pizza

    Hawaiian Pizza

    Delectable Pizza topped with pineapple and Canadian ham! The perfect mix of sweet and salty <3

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    Image for Taverna Zante

    Taverna Zante

    Casual Greek restaurant and cocktail bar. Tzatziki, gyros, souvlaki, that sort of thing. Outdoor seating in spring and summer. I go there a lot and the food is delicious.

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